A taste of Glamour

Everyone has their bucket list or set of goals they wish to accomplish before their time on earth is done. In fact, most of my friends’ lists consist of the same sort of things: skydiving, scuba diving, traveling the world, learning new languages, getting married, having children, pursuing a dream career, writing a book, finishing a marathon, etc. The list could go on and on. Keeping in mind on a daily basis what you want to do with your life and what your passionate about aids your soul in discovering who you really are. This is exactly what I am doing with this blog. I have many dreams of my own, some of which include being on Broadway, living in New York City full time, becoming a Radio City Rockette, traveling the world, volunteering in every third-world country, getting married, starting a family, opening my own dance studio, and learning to cook. This blog is here for sharing; to share passions and goals. To share life and circumstances. To share joys and fears. To share sunshine and darkness. To share fashion and fun. To share recipies and crafts. To share love and pain. To share DREAMS.

–time to have some fun, stay tuned for an “about me” post and what to expect from this blog.

stay glamourous.


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